Photographic workshop in Slovenia in search of the brown bear.
In the heart of the Dinaric Alps, in the Notranjska forest, there will be a 5-day full immersion dedicated to nature photography from 23 to 27 June. Notranjska Forest is by far one of the most beautiful and unspoiled regions in Slovenia. The concentration of brown bears abundantly exceeds 400 specimens.

The photographic huts located near the Notranjska park, an area protected by Natura 2000, are located in an area rich in woods and large forests, which alternate with lakes, valleys and mountains.


A photographic journey to discover the splendid European fauna. We will visit the magical forests of Slovenia in search of the beautiful animals that live within it. The areas we will visit boast an incredible biodiversity and all the rarest European carnivores live within the impenetrable woods: the wolf, the bear, the wild cat and the lynx. Ours will be a journey in search of the great bear that populates these lands in abundance, the brown bear. Within the program there will be 6 high-level photo sessions. Four sessions will be dedicated to the brown bear huts that will guarantee us to bring many shots and images from different locations. In fact, during our tour we will have the opportunity to visit at least 3 or 4 different locations. We will optimize our sighting chances by using the best huts available and each location will be for the exclusive use of our group. Two sessions will instead be dedicated to silent excursions in the wild Slovenian forests in search of the rare Ural owl.

During the entire duration of the trip, professional photographer Jonathan Giovannini will be at your side. He will remain at your disposal to help you find “The shot” you are looking for from your trip.

During this event, for the first time, a photographic workshop will be included where Jonathan Giovannini will share with you all the secrets, experiences and techniques learned in these years in the field.

The journey as well as from photographs and unforgettable moments of wild nature will therefore be a unique opportunity to learn by shooting alongside a professional photographer.


This itinerary offers a great experience from a photographic point of view, any equipment is enough to take home great shots. You can observe animals at all distances, therefore a 70-200mm can already be enough to give satisfaction. Despite this, for portrait lovers, the advice is to bring a focal length of at least 300mm. A medium telephoto and a wide angle can be useful if you are interested in photographing Slovenian landscapes and forests.


Travelling with us means relying on professionals in the sector with photographers who work in this particular field with both naturalistic and photographic skills.

Each itinerary is the result of years of experience. Our team will be close to you throughout the duration of the trip and will be available for any questions you may have before, during and after your trip.

During the trip you will have a professional photographer who knows the locations and who will establish an optimal program according to the light and to obtain the maximum probability of sighting.

Our programs designed for your relaxation. Our job is to provide a professional service, thinking of every detail we will make sure that each participant has to worry exclusively about bringing home emotions and photographs, in total relaxation.

At the base of each itinerary is the protection of nature. Each outing will take place in harmony with nature, with wild animals free in their own habitat. Our activities will not affect in any way with their habits, allowing us to take natural photographs and to guarantee tourism in balance with nature.


DAY 1 – Italy – Slovenia

Arrival at Trieste airport, welcome by the photographer Michele Bavassano and transfer to the facility where we will be staying. The meeting place is Trieste airport, it will be possible to reach it by national flight or personal transport. However, it is also possible to reach Slovenia on your own in the way you prefer.

In the afternoon, once all the participants have been accommodated in the hotel, a presentation of the event will take place where Michele will introduce the locations illustrating the best photographic techniques to be used in each hide, remaining available for each participant to find the best settings of your equipment in sight. of the dense photo sessions of the following days.


Day 2 – Slovenia

Quick breakfast at the hotel and transfer to the first location for our first photo session. Here we will find several hides, Michele will help you in the arrangement according to your photographic objectives and your equipment. Each hide will be disinfected and, in order to ensure maximum health safety, only two people will be allowed access to each shed, ensuring the distance between the two photographers.

At the end of the morning session (usually around 10.00 A.M.) we return to the hotel for a full breakfast. At the end of the meal there will be a few free hours in which it will be possible to rest for the afternoon session. The professional photographer will be available for any technical questions and to observe the shots of the morning.

After lunch we will move to a new location for the afternoon session. Here too the same organizational dynamics in the choice of hides. The session will last until sunset.

After dinner, short projection of the shots of the day. Discussion of techniques and settings used. Michele will help you find the best solutions and techniques to get perfect shots.

Day 3  – Slovenia

After a breakfast at the hotel we will move to the wildest forests of Slovenia in search of the Ural Owl. Particularly active animal in this period of the year. With a little luck it will be possible to observe it inside the forest immersed, between lights and shadows, in a fairytale atmosphere. Michele will always be available to help you seize the perfect moment in the best possible way.

Return to the hotel in the late morning, where you will be able to load up your equipment and get ready for lunch.

In the afternoon we will move again to a new location for photographic activities dedicated to the brown bear until sunset.

After dinner, short projection of the shots of the day. Discussion of techniques and settings used. Michele will help you find the best solutions and techniques to get perfect shots.


Day 4 – Slovenia

Breakfast at the hotel and morning dedicated to the Ural owl. On the fourth day we will move to a new area in search of particular and different photographic spots.

Return in the late morning, relax while waiting for lunch.

In the afternoon we will move to the new hides for the classic photographic activities dedicated to the brown bear. Trying to capture the last shots you are looking for by taking advantage of the day until sunset.

Return to the hotel for the last dinner with the group. After dinner for those who want to join, the projection of the photos taken in these days will take place again. Anyone can show their pictures and talk about their photos. Michele will be available for any questions and to help you find your best photographs.


GIORNO 5 – Slovenia Italia

After breakfast at the hotel we will talk about post-production. Michele will illustrate the techniques to make the most of your photographs by carrying out a post-production session on some photographs taken together during this adventure.

Greetings and departure.


  • Workshop with Jonathan Giovannini
  • 4 nights in a double room with private bathroom;
  • all drinks
  • petrol and circulation permits
  • Covid-19 free cancellation
  • all meals
  • 6 photographic activities (3 morning 3 afternoon)
  • all transfers hotel hides
  • editing lessons


  • Flight (If necessary)
  • single room supplement

Available seats: 8

Price: 1390€

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